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Parelli Material feed

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Horsemanship Training String

The perfect training string to be used in conjunction with the Carrot Stick. Length 6ft.
[Product Details...]

£9.60 (including 20 % tax)

Rope Halter- Natural Training- Large

Pressure halter in a variety of colours. Perfect for natural horsemanship.
[Product Details...]

£13.20 (including 20 % tax)

Rope Halter- Natural Training- Medium

Natural training /Parelli training aid. In a range of colours.
[Product Details...]

£13.20 (including 20 % tax)

Rope Halter- Natural Training- Small

Natural Horsemanship/Parelli training aid. In a range of colours.
[Product Details...]

£13.20 (including 20 % tax)

Parelli- Clipping Naturally

A perfect DVD to help you successfully clip your house without hassle.
[Product Details...]

£15.60 (including 20 % tax)

Parelli- Trouble Free Trailer Loading

Do you have problems with loading your horse?
[Product Details...]

£15.60 (including 20 % tax)

Parelli- Successful Water Crossing

The perfect way to understand how to successful concur any water problems you may have with your horse.
[Product Details...]

£15.60 (including 20 % tax)

Horsemanship Carrot/Communication Stick

Ideal for any horsemanship/ parelli training. Optional string attached.
[Product Details...]

£30.00 (including 20 % tax)

Communication Line- Natural Horsemanship

An ideal communication line for natural horsemanship made from high quality yachting braid.
[Product Details...]

£36.00 (including 20 % tax)

Rope Hackamore

Perfect for parelli/ natural horsemanship, endurance and western style riding.
[Product Details...]

£60.00 (including 20 % tax)

Parelli- Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle

This sweet iron loose ring snaffle is part of the new parelli bit collection.
[Product Details...]

£90.00 (including 20 % tax)

Parelli Myler - Ported Barrel Shank

This bit is a sweet Iron on 6" stainless steel shank
[Product Details...]

£144.00 (including 20 % tax)

Parelli Myler Low Ported Barrel Narrow

A sweet iron stainless steel bit for parelli and natural horsemanship training.
[Product Details...]

£174.00 (including 20 % tax)

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If there's one thing every horse owner wishes they had more of, it's time. This is why we at British Saddlery give our honest opinions on the products we sell. We know how much time you can waste and how annoying it can be reading inaccurate information about products we want to be right for our loved ones. Having horses our selves we test all the products we sell. British Saddlery has been created after many years of unsuccessful experiences trying to buy correct ‘horsey products’.

Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the equestrian world means you can have confidence in your purchased products. We refuse to recommend products we wouldn't use ourself. Money isn't

We at British Saddlery pride ourselves in providing high quality equestrian products which have the care and the wellbeing of the horse and rider as the primary concern. Performance can only be maximised when both horse and rider are fully in tune. We take the time and consideration to fully examine and test all products with you in mind.

Whether you need horse supplements to maintain the diet of your horse. Saddles for your and your horses comfort. Horse rugs to weather the storm. Stirrups to maintain balance, bits and bridles to maintain control, horse feed to keep your horses healthy, or any other equestrian related products, we are here to help you. With information on all product features and our experience and opinion, throughout your quest you will feel as though British Saddlery is helping you through the traumatic ordeal of buying the ideal product for you much loved horse.

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