Choose your perfect stirrup types.

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 15 February 2012 15:14

There are many different stirrup types out there and it can be difficult to choose from the big wide range. Here at we have a few favourites which we’d like to share. Plastic stirrups- plastic stirrups are great if you already have a heavy saddle. They weigh practically nothing so it’s no extra weight. They’re also great if you’re a bigger rider on a smaller horse as again you’re reducing the weight. Flexi stirrup irons- These are great if you enjoy jumping or cross country as it’ll allow you to easily keep your heels down whilst in the jumping position. They’re also great for dressage and flat work as they help correct your leg position. Safety stirrups- We should all make sure we’re as safe as possible and having a pair of safety stirrups will allow us to free our feet from the stirrups if we were to ever get stuck in them. We’ve got a wide range of stirrup types for you to choose from so pop by today :)

Plastic Stirrups

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 25 January 2012 14:00

Plastic stirrups can be a really good addition to your tack room. Here at we didn't rate plastic stirrups much because lets face it they don't look as smart as other stirrups like flexi ones but they are great for lots of reasons- 1. They are cheap, on average they are half the price of standard stirrups and can be a 10th of the price of stirrups such as flexi irons. 2. They can be great for children as it makes the saddle a lot lighter which means children don't have difficulty with their tack. 3. They can be great if you're a bigger rider on a smaller horse as you'd be surprised at just how heavy metal stirrups are. If you've changed your mind about plastic stirrups check out our range of stirrups on

Struggling this Winter?

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 25 January 2012 13:53

Are you struggling this winter? Many people who have horses that just cope too well within the winter months. Thankfully so far our winter hasn't been too cold and we've actually had more grass grow than we did in the summer (which isn't difficult as this summer's grass was terrible!) regardless of this if you have a poor doer you'll still be struggling to pile on the weight with them. We've written a list of things to consider to help your horse. 1. Rug up well! Don't over rug them as they'll only get hot and uncomfortable but check the weather forecast each day to check what sort of horse rugs are needed. You'll make sure he's always warm. 2. Try haylage rather than hay! Some horses get a little too silly on haylage but for the most part it has extra sugars in which will help pile on the weight. 3. Along with horse rugs make sure your horse isn't stressed. Stress will make them more around more and sweat which will make them loose weight. If they are worried when in a stable, rug them up with horse rugs and turn them out so they're calm. 4. Make sure you feed them up well with slow release energy to keep them going all day. For horse rugs or equine supplements to help check out our ranges at

I will ride in a dressage double bridle

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 25 January 2012 13:46

We don't know about you but we have certain goals here at and mine was to be riding in a dressage double bridle. Some of you may say "well, you can ride in a dressage double bridle anytime?!". My goal is to be moving from Novice to Elementary level dressage with both of my horses so that I can purchase our first dressage double bridle. You may not realise it but now is the perfect time to set and succeed in your goals. The winter time for most riders goes very quite and sometimes it isn't safe to ride on the roads so take the opportunity with competing free weekends to reach your goals. It can be something small like getting your horse to jump a small course of jumps it it's new to jumping or it could be to qualify for the Nation Dressage Deluxe Championships. Regardless of what it is write it down and tick it off as you complete it :) Here at we have everything from training aids to a perfect dressage double bridle so for extra help give us a browse.

Feed Balancer Equine Supplements

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 25 January 2012 13:40

You may have found that your horse is coughing a lot of sneezing a lot at present. If you don't already know this is probably down to the extra haylage or hay your horse is on. We can't really help the amount of hay we give our horses in the winter due to a lack of grazing. As the temperature drops in the winter and we don't get much sunlight we don't get much growth which means grass has to be substituted for hay. There are many different equine supplements which will help these are often good hay or feed balancers and should give your horse the extra nutrients which is needed. In addition to equine supplements it may be worth soaking your hay or haylage to make sure it isn't too dusty and feeding in the open rather than in the stable. For a range of equine supplements check out our equine supplements page now.

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